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Mikhail Blagosklonny


Mikhail (Misha) Blagosklonny, M.D., Ph.D. is a founder and Editor-in-Chief at Oncotarget and Aging, an Editor-in-Chief at Oncoscience, and an editor at Genes and Cancer. These four journals are part of the Impact Journals family of scientific publications, based out of Orchard Park, New York. Dr. Blagosklonny graduated with his Doctor of Medicine and Doctorate from First Pavlov State Medical University in St. Petersburg, Russia. He then moved to the United States—where he became well-known for his contributions in cancer and aging research. 

Dr. Blagosklonny has published dozens of experimental and theoretical papers focussing on the selective killing of cancer cells with deregulated cell cycle or drug resistance by exploiting their resistance, and other exciting papers on aging. 

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The Oncotarget journal is a unique open-access platform that publishes scholarly scientific papers available for anyone to read—without a paywall making access more difficult. This means that information that has the potential to benefit our societies from the inside out can be shared with friends, neighbors, colleagues, and other researchers, far and wide. Learn about the six components of the Oncotarget Scientific Integrity process: Presence of Ethics Statements, Adherence to Scientific Publishing Standards, Rigorous and Insightful Peer Review, Elimination of Plagiarism, Image Forensics, and Post-Publication Investigations.

The Trending with Impact series highlights Oncotarget publications that are attracting higher visibility among readers around the world online, in the news, and on social media—beyond normal readership levels. Oncotarget is proud to offer Altmetric scores on papers for readers online. With one click via the Altmetric donut badges to the left of the paper title, you may learn about the recorded original shares and mentions the paper appears in. Oncotarget believes that this level of information available to readers increases journal dependability and trust. A list of publications with an Altmetric score higher than 100 can be found at Oncotarget.com/news/altmetric

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